How Can I Build a Good Family/Business Relationship?

When you are working with your family, it is important to maintain a good family/business relationship. Unlike other business situations, when you have a bad day at work with a co-worker, you do not have the luxury of going home and forgetting about it. By living with a co-worker or having a familial relationship with them, your problems tend to follow you home. Fortunately, there are things you can do to foster a good business and family relationship.

Communication is important to maintaining a good family/business relationship. It is important to not bottle up things or to not discuss them. You may have a breaking point and blurt out something you have been holding onto for some time! If this happens, it is rare that it comes out quite the way you intended it to come out. You may say one thing but really mean another. This can lead to a lot of harmful words being passed back and forth between you and your family member. Instead, deal with issues right away to avoid any lingering hard feelings.

It is important for both you and your family members to understand that although you are family, you are still running a business. What happens at work needs to stay at work. If you have an overlap into your personal life, you could end up taking business tensions home. You also need to focus on trying not to take decisions made at work personal. Concentrate on doing what is right for the business.

If a change needs to be instituted that you do not agree with, assess the change and determine if it would be best for the business. There may be instances in which you are asked to take one for the team so that the business can successfully operate. Again, it is what is best to focus on what is most important for the business.